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Small-pitch LED display

Product Details:

Small LED display

Module Size:640mm*480(option)


Pixel Pitch(mm)::P1.25/P1.53/P1.667/P1.86/P2,etc


Viewing Angle:140/140 degree

Gray Scale:12-16 Bit

Scan Mode:1/32s

Lifetime:100000 hours

Cabinet weight: about 7kgs/pc

Installation:fixed on the wall or hanging

Application:shopping malls, airport, chain store, night club,museum,event show,hotel,stage background etc.

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Product Parameters:
Brand: XHS OEM: Yes Warranty: One year
Source Category: Customized Size: 640(L)x(W)480mm Installation Method: Wall mounted
Product Category: LED Touch Screen: No Support Agent: Yes
Weight: TBA Operating System: TBA Packing List: TBA
Delivery Time: TBA Chroma: 16.7M Model no.: P1.25
Product Features: High definition Colour: Black Contrast Ratio: TBA
Product Details:

The small LED display has improved the image quality significantly on the LED display screen. Moreover, it shortened the viewing distance and have resolved technical problems related to low grayscale and high brightness. The pixel pitch is the overall distance between pixels. Usually measured in millimeters, a pixel pitch is a measurement from the midpoint of a pixel to the midpoint of an adjacent pixel. When the pixel pitch is small, the LEDs will be closer. And, it results in higher resolution quality.A small pixel pitch LED display relates to the resolution for optimal viewing distance. When the number is small, more pixels are used to make the image on the display. As such, it improves the display resolution and optimal viewing distance.It means, when the pixel pitch is small, a viewer can have a good resolution even when standing close to the display.

Nowadays, the market share of commercial display for small-pitch LED is growing. Under the background of interconnection of everything and smart city, the function of LED display screen is no longer limited to "one-way transmission", but turns to the stage of "intelligent interaction". Small-pitch LED display will become the interaction center between people and data and bring scene and immersion experience to users. With the continuous innovation of products, the continuous reduction of costs and the continuous promotion of interaction, the small-pitch LED is rapidly developing in display applications such as the conference rooms, education places, shopping malls and cinemas.



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