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Introduction of four major categories of industrial displays

2022-07-21 17:06:39

Introduction to the classification of the four major industrial displays


1、Open Industrial Display

Open industrial display screen has no display panel and back shell, only internal display screen and control board, power supply, etc. Most customers' applications mainly have beautiful shells in the case of equipment and small size, without setting ATM machines, commercial POS space for general display。

2、Embedded Industrial Display

The embedded industrial display is embedded in the customer's equipment. The customer's equipment requires medium and large control panels and consoles. Only the panel is left for the embedded industrial display. Just open the square hole according to the hole size of the embedded display. No need to open the mounting hole in other places.


3、Rack Mount Industrial Display

The frame-type industrial display is mainly set on a 19-inch cabinet with a standard width of 19 inches. The setting holes are opened according to the standard u number, but some customers have their own non-standard cabinets, which must be designed and produced according to the customer's size.。

4、Wall Mounted Industrial Display

The wall-mounted industrial display adds mounting threaded holes on the back shell, and can be hung through the fixing of the thread. It can not only be hung on the wall, but also can be installed on the customer's equipment. The angle can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements, and the appropriate mounting arm can be used. It can stay wherever you want.



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