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Application place of industrial control all-in-one machine

2022-07-28 09:45:06

The application of industrial all-in-one computers in the field of industrial automation is obvious to all. With the continuous upgrading and transformation of technology, industrial all-in-one computers are not only used in industry, but also in commercial applications. Life and work have brought great convenience. Let's take a look at the nine application scenarios that industrial all-in-one computers can adapt to. 

1. Industry 4.0

In the process of industrial automation transformation, industrial all-in-one computers, as the touch center of industrial big data, have been widely used, including factory automation, CNC machine tools, manufacturing, industrial control cabinets, industrial control instruments, automation instruments, analyzers, pressure. It can be seen in use scenarios such as sensors, temperature sensors, speed sensors, light speed sensors, detectors, etc. 

2. The Internet of Things

In terms of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data analysis, smart grid, smart buildings, building control systems, vision/image sensors, environmental quality sensors, supply chain systems, public safety, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent communications, intelligent agricultural control, etc. Need to use an industrial all-in-one computer for control

3. Artificial Intelligence

With the continuous implementation of artificial intelligence technology, in intelligent control, machine translation, expert systems, robotics, virtual assistants, computer vision, AI education, natural language processing, speech recognition, pattern recognition, biometrics and other aspects of industrial all-in-one computer will also be applied

4. Business Intelligence Terminal

In the application of commercial self-service display terminals, the application of industrial all-in-one computers in self-service libraries, self-service vending machines, intelligent teller machines, self-service ticket checking machines, self-service recycling machines, intelligent logistics sorting systems, mobile payment, transmission equipment, etc., It will bring more convenience to people's life

5. Smart city

In the construction of smart cities, industrial all-in-one computers will also be used in smart transportation, government affairs cities, public services, smart medical care, smart education, smart office, smart hotels, smart banks, smart homes, smart communities, smart parks, and environmental monitors, play an indispensable role

6. Smart Healthcare

The arrival of smart medical care will solve the pain points of traditional medical patients such as long queues. The industrial all-in-one computer will help blood analyzers, medical monitors, B-ultrasound diagnostic instruments, hospital bed monitoring systems, remote patient monitoring systems, electronic medical records, hospital information systems, ward information systems, archives, etc., to achieve intelligent management, greatly improving doctors, medical care staff productivity

7.  Smart security

In the scope of smart security applications, video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, access control and attendance, building intercom, explosion-proof security inspection, fire/disaster relief, lightning protection, smart cards, information and communication systems, video processing and display, etc., through the display of the industrial integrated computer control, will greatly improve the management efficiency of enterprises

Industrial all-in-one computers are used more and more in business. In order to cater to the commercial development market, industrial all-in-one computer manufacturers are becoming more and more fashionable in design, with more technological elements, and the performance is not bad at all then Industrial all-in-one computers used in industry, such a development trend is bound to be a boon for business



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