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Special vehicle intelligence

2022-08-02 10:53:40

Agricultural vehicle industry application

Background introduction
The main function of the current farming vehicle on-board computer is to realize the precise positioning and navigation of the farming vehicle. More advanced systems need to realize the automatic driving of the farming vehicle and communicate with the relevant sensors on the farming vehicle (such as the soil depth sensor, oil quantity inventory sensor...) to achieve more automated and information-based functions.

Program requirements
Industrial grade fanless embedded car computer
With wireless communication capability and precise GPS positioning capability
Meet the unstable on-board battery voltage of various agricultural vehicles
Various sensor devices need to be connected through the I/O interface
In order to meet the needs of farming vehicles, Darveen has designed a series of rugged on-board computers, which are rugged and fanless to adapt to harsh outdoor environments, and have a friendly interface that is convenient for drivers to operate. At the same time, the rich I/O interface allows the on-board computer to communicate with the driver of autonomous driving, differential positioning module, and various sensors to achieve the functions required by customers. In addition, Darveen also designs supporting power modules, fixed brackets, various supporting antennas, etc., so that customers can more conveniently install the computer on the farming vehicle to achieve various predetermined functions.

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