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Application of industrial control equipment in the field of intelligent manufacturing

2022-07-28 10:50:19

Intelligent manufacturing is the common application of Haishi in the field of intelligent manufacturing as follows:

CNC machine tool 
CNC machine tool is the representative of precision manufacturing. It effectively integrates machinery, automation, computer, measurement, microelectronics and other technologies, and completes the production of precision parts through program control system coding and decoding. The supporting application of Haishi touch equipment is mainly reflected in the input equipment of CNC machine tools. Strong computing power, stable operation, high anti-resistance properties, and rich interfaces are the basic requirements for input devices. Haishi second-generation industrial all-in-one computer and fifth-generation industrial all-in-one computer are widely used in CNC machine tools, which can perfectly realize embedded , vertical and other different installation methods.

Production line automation 
The automatic production line is to connect the machines on the entire production line according to the process requirements to form a high-efficiency production line that can automatically control all processes such as feeding, unloading, loading and unloading, product processing, and testing.Touch intelligence is applied in production line automation scenarios, mainly including workstation machines and four-generation industrial all-in-one machines, which are used as smart signboards, equipped with manufacturing management systems, real-time tracking of production results, timely delivery of production plans, connecting decision-making levels and production side. In practical applications, the common functional modules of touch display devices include alarm lights, cameras, RFID, etc., mainly for error alarms, monitoring and employee identification/clocking in the production line, etc.

Power cabinet equipment is a common application scenario of Haishi touch display equipment, which realizes intelligent power control and intensive management of the power system in the area. Starting from the application requirements of the power cabinet itself, a stable and safe touch display device is the key to its operation. In this environment, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static, dust-proof and waterproof properties have also become the basic design. In the case of Haishi power cabinet, in order to adapt to the power environment, the industrial all-in-one machine is in current surge, wide-voltage operation, power interface, anti-static, etc., to meet the needs of intelligent control and stable operation of the power cabinet.3.jpg

Laser machinery equipment

The touch display device is an important part of the laser device. Whether cutting, marking or engraving, the requirements for the touch display device are the same. Here, the precise control of the laser beam by the touch display device is the most important, which has high demands on the performance, touch response, and software compatibility of the touch device. At the same time, under different operating environments, shockproof, anti-static, waterproof fog, etc. are required; while meeting the above requirements, Haishi can also upgrade functions according to special needs to make it more suitable for applications.4.png

Industrial vision equipment 

Industrial vision can achieve five basic functions: identification, measurement, positioning, detection, sorting. For the physical characteristics of the target object, including shape, color, character, barcode. Its high-precision, high-speed detection capability can well complete the detection of scratches, damages, spots, color differences, etc. A complete industrial visual inspection system needs to be equipped with industrial cameras, light sources, image processing centers, and industrial all-in-one machines. Haishi industrial all-in-one machine can meet the continuous high-level operation required for high-frequency detection, and combine with the camera to take pictures for fast data processing, and finally complete the detection work. This reflects the superior performance, high anti-resistance properties and stable and safe operation of the Haishi industrial all-in-one machine




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