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Application of touch display device in ice cream self-service vending machine

2022-07-28 13:54:20

Ice cream self-service vending machine is a kind of unmanned retail. It is based on the Internet and integrates ice cream machines, robots and kiosks through advanced technologies such as image recognition, speech recognition and artificial intelligence to create a new consumption scene, combined with its own simple management, the characteristics of flexible delivery, are widely used in Amusement parks, scenic spots, shopping complexes, airports, railway stations and other crowded places,It has become an application supplement for supermarkets and convenience stores.20220629100526_17897.jpg

In the case of ice cream self-service vending machines, the touch display device is mainly responsible for intelligent management.

For operators, it can meet the needs of fully intelligent system management such as material shortage reminders, self-service cashiers, and operation logs.

For consumers, the entire purchase operation process, click on the screen at will to enter the matching link, click on the product picture to select the desired flavor, click on the product quantity and click on immediate delivery, click on confirm to enter WeChat/Alipay purchase, all are inseparable from touch display screen.

The vast majority of ice cream self-service vending machines appear in summer. In practical applications, problems caused by specific application scenarios need to be considered. For example, in outdoor playgrounds and scenic tourist areas, there will be exposure to the sun and heavy rain, and the screen is prone to problems such as darkening, damage, and water ingress; and in playgrounds, there are many children (and a large part of the ice cream audience is also children). ), bumps and bruises also occur from time to time.

In terms of functional applications, the touch display device is used as an interactive window for information input and output, which is connected to the ice cream machine, robot and kiosk. It sends commands and gets feedback through it, which is very critical to the operation of the ice cream self-service vending machine. In addition to meeting the needs of ordering, the cloud system can also conduct sales data statistics and analyze the tastes of the audience, so as to optimize the operation plan and give consumers a better experience.

Faced with these needs, the self-service ice cream machine has put forward requirements for the selection of touch display devices.

In the case of an ice cream self-service vending machine, the customer chose a 10.1-inch embedded Android all-in-one machine. We solve the problem of sudden darkening during operation through the automatic light-sensing function of the screen, and the pure flat design and IP65 dustproof and waterproof solve the common outdoor rain and dust problems.

In terms of structural design, combined with the structural design of the ice cream vending machine itself, it adopts embedded installation, which has sufficient guarantee in terms of applicability and stability; the design of waterproof rubber strips and independent and efficient heat dissipation prevent the generation of water vapor in the screen.

In terms of performance applications, it is equipped with Allwinner A64 Cortex-A53 quad-core 64-bit main frequency up to 1.5GHz, and SDK installation package is provided to meet the application upgrade of store terminal system, mobile terminal sales system and cloud data system;

As the front-end touch display device, the interface design is rich and diverse, HDMI, USB-OTG, USB-HOST, RJ45 Ethernet, serial interface, to meet the connection needs of different types of equipment, can be connected to robots, ice cream machines and kiosks .

The ice cream self-service vending terminal is an expansion of business scenarios. Through flexible operation in multiple scenarios, employment costs are reduced and more benefits are achieved. As an auxiliary device for unmanned operation, Haishi touch display device needs to meet the practical application requirements of different scenarios, and provides support for the flexible management and convenient use of ice cream self-service vending terminals.



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