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Medical Device Application

2022-07-21 16:39:18

Application of industrial integrated machine in medical industry

With the rapid development of information technology, hospitals are gradually realizing the digitalization and network management of medical information. Convert medical image data into computer digital form, and carry out the collection, display, storage, exchange and output of medical image data through high-speed computer equipment and communication network, so that medical image data can be effectively managed and fully utilized.

    From registration to distribution of diagnostic data, it is often transmitted manually. Due to human resources, it is difficult for hospitals to transmit real-time data to each patient. Centralized distribution of data has become a major reason for patients to wait. In order to process a large number of reports and a large number of films in a timely manner, the hospital spends a lot of labor. The self-service film picker, for these situations, achieves automatic classification of the system, self-service acquisition of patients, and is not affected by time and personnel commuting. The design and application of the self-service film picker can fundamentally solve these problems. 

    The medical self-service film retrieval machine is mainly used for self-service equipment systems for patients to obtain corresponding image films and inspection reports by themselves after completing CT, MR, DR, CR, digital gastrointestinal, DSA and other inspections. The perfect combination of advanced network transmission technology and self-service film retrieval equipment provides a new practical way for patients to obtain image films and diagnostic reports by swiping cards.

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