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Vending machine

2022-07-28 14:11:21

Application overview

Vending machines began to enter the Chinese market in 1999. Today, it is not difficult to find vending machines in places with large passenger flow such as living quarters, stations, shopping malls, and squares. From the perspective of the development trend of vending machines, its emergence is the product of the transformation from a labor-intensive industrial structure to a technology-intensive society. With the increase of income level, people's pursuit of flexibility, convenience, speed and self-service is the main reason for the rapid development of vending machines.

In the beginning, vending machines were selected and purchased in the form of coin-operated and banknotes. Now, almost all self-service vending machines, especially retail machines, are equipped with touch-screen displays, and today’s scan code payment channels have been added. It can be said that it is connected with new consumption methods such as electronic shopping. In addition, modern people are gradually popularizing the concept of intelligent life. It can be said that self-service vending machines will continue to create huge business opportunities!

 Then, as the touch display center of the vending machine, the embedded industrial control all-in-one computer has become the first choice for its application. What is the reason? Please watch as follows:


Functional requirements of vending machines for embedded industrial control all-in-one machines

1、Various sizes, with touch, easy to operate
2、Support multi-screen display
3、Multi-interface, support a variety of information data transmission
4、Support wireless/wired network connection
5、Embedded installation, thin structure, open design

Solutions for Embedded Industrial Computers

1、The embedded industrial computer can choose Android touch panel/Windows touch panel/touch display, which is responsive and free of drift;
2、Ultra-thin 3mm front panel, with embedded installation, beautiful and space-saving;
3、Adopt dual-screen different display, the transaction interface and the advertising interface are divided into two screens, and there is a dedicated advertising page screen, which can increase the advertising space and improve the data source of customer advertising revenue.;
4、Customized interface, 1 HDMI interface, USB touch interface, audio, SIM card slot, to meet the transmission of different information such as video/audio. At the same time, customize the card reader and camera to meet the online use of vending machine peripherals;
5、Configure 4G module function to solve the problem that customer equipment uses 4G network when there is no wired or wireless wifi in the use environment to ensure smooth network. Extend the wifi and 4G signal antennas to the top of the cabinet at the same time;
6、It is suitable for intelligent transformation of public scenes, and can be used in public places such as shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas, outdoor venues, airports, high-speed railway stations, highway rest stops, etc.;

Application Scenario Expansion

Moreover, in the field of self-service terminals, the embedded industrial control all-in-one machine can be extended to automatic recycling machines, information kiosks, book vending machines, bank self-service terminals, terminal zero collection machines and other application scenarios.

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