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Warehousing intelligent forklift

2022-07-28 14:05:00

Application overview:

With the rapid development of e-commerce and online shopping, logistics has become the most indispensable role in national productivity. The biggest trend of modern logistics is networking and intelligence. As an important part of intelligent logistics, warehousing system plays a very important role in enterprise production management.20200710155415_62750.jpg

As we all know, smart warehousing is a part of the logistics process. The application of intelligent warehousing ensures the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of cargo warehouse management, ensures that enterprises can grasp the real data of inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintain and control enterprise inventory. The application of intelligent warehousing, scientific management and transformation through electronic technology, computer technology, 5G network technology, industrial Internet of Things technology, etc., intelligent logistics centers with warehousing as the core, often used intelligent technologies include automatic control technology, intelligent robots Stacking and palletizing technology, intelligent information management technology, mobile computing technology, data mining technology, etc.

Application requirements:

In order to improve the efficiency of intelligent warehouse management, users can set up WIFI or use 3G/4G wireless network as the warehouse's wireless communication network architecture according to actual needs, and then install professional industrial tablet computers on industrial forklifts. The warehouse management system can send instructions to the forklift driver to carry the goods at the designated location through the wireless network, and can use the barcode scanner to identify the goods, and then send the goods information and work results back to the system. The application of intelligent forklifts can greatly improve the working efficiency of forklifts, reduce labor costs, and realize the function of intelligent storage.


As a manufacturer of industrial embedded computers, industrial all-in-one computers and display solutions, after understanding the actual application requirements, Haishi confirms the use environment and application requirements of industrial forklifts. The industrial all-in-one machine needs precise touch effect, unique installation method of forklift, fanless and low power consumption design, industrial vehicle power supply and stable power supply requirements, and wireless expansion network requirements.

After comprehensive consideration, a modular industrial tablet is recommended for customers. The whole machine can meet the actual application needs of customers, and can run stably for a long time. It can also be equipped with some special peripherals that use forklifts, such as barcodes scanning, even RFID/NFC scanning, improves field usage efficiency.

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